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the subject, pictured here in covid-19 lockdown, was born in China and free-range raised in New Zealand for most of her life. she is invested in understanding the intersectional challenges of navigating sociopolitical spaces and the power dynamics arising from systemic structures. for most of her time at RISD, she has found herself in limbo between building systems as a science and spatial construction as an art. over time, this definition of architecture has expanded to take on more meanings. what groups of peoples does design empower or disempower? whose voices are involved in the process? what are the environmental, social and political implications? how do we enter design through alternative processes like the poetic or the phenomenological while creating meaningful impact?

Please note:

  • maintain focus and interest with matcha lattee 
  • feed with historical fiction
  • allergic to hyper-bureaucratic systems

who is the user? who gets a say?