make, play, display

This project focused on the actor network of a project, reaching beyond the direct users of the final architectural product. Where do the building materials from? Who builds the project? How is the community involved in its construction? How does this project affect those beyond the immediate environment?

My site is situated in Mikawa in the Gifu prefecture, West of Tokyo. The small town holds 800 people with a depopulation trend. Along the river in the valley is a thriving Timber Industry with locally sourced Hinoki Cyprus wood as well as a timber market, log market, timber mill and workshops for local carpenters.

To bring people back to Mikawa, I proposed a wooden toy campus with a path in the forest. My project aims to connect the timber industry with the Mikawa community, the nursery school in the old town and the abandoned rice paddies on the.
Ultimately, this wooden toy campus expands the existing timber industry of Mikawa, reactivates old rice fields, and reinforces a stronger relationship with the forest.